Wild Country Property Services offers a mulching, brush management and clean up service.

Pipeline Clearing

Fenceline Clearing

Trail Building

Fireguards Creation

Forest Fire Prevention

Service Overview

Denis CIMAF DAH-065B Mulcher. This excavator Mulcher is ideal for intensive vegetation control, land clearing roadsides, transmission lines, pipeline maintenance, forest fire prevention and trail creation/maintenance.

• Eliminates the use of a ground crew with a chain saw.
• Creates ground covering mulch that helps suppress weeds while eliminating underbrush fire hazards.
• This working combination has nearly a 20ft reach in any direction.
• Leaves no unsightly slash piles that need to be burnt.
• When cleaning up underbrush you also reduce tick habitat, which is very beneficial for pastures, and recreation trails.

Our Service

The mulching equipment has a special head which will complete difficult tree and vegetation clearing easily. The Mulcher is used for overgrowth, trees, shrubs, or to clear trails and walkways in forested areas. We can also do a variety of projects including roads, highways and pipelines.

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